Doula Services


*Free initial consultation/interview
*Bespoke Hypnobirthing course
*Two face-to-face prenatal visits to discuss options/birth wish list and prepare for birth
*Telephone, text, and email support throughout pregnancy and the early weeks of parenthood
*On-call services ’round the clock from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby (subject to availability)
*Support during the birth, from early labor through the birth of your baby
*Postpartum support for 1-2 hours following the birth
*Initial breastfeeding encouragement and support
*One or two postpartum follow-up in the early days after your birth (depending on need)

At each step, I will listen to your goals and desires with the aim of guiding you toward your best and healthiest birth possible. The cost of my birth doula services are £950 for the above package.

Additional services and time can be added at request at a rate of £35 per hour + travelling expenses. Please contact me today to schedule your initial consultation. Let me help you make your parenthood transition one of empowerment, trust and love. I am a fully certified and insured doula, antenatal educator, post natal practitioner, hypnobirthing teacher and clinical hypnotherapist, breastfeeding counsellor, baby massage instructor and complementary therapist.

As a Hypnobirthing Doula I offer calming support to families to help you towards a safe and satisfying birth experience. I draw on my extensive professional training, knowledge and experience to provide you with emotional support, physical comfort and, if needed, communication with staff involved in your care, to make sure you have the resources you need to make informed decisions as they arise in labour. I will provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions to help you during the birthing process, help you to use your Hypnobirthing techniques, support you as you use your relaxation and breathing techniques, use soothing touch and light touch massage, showing you comfortable positions and other techniques to help you to achieve comfort and calm during your birth. And of course lots of hand holding and soothing positive words of encouragement. I must point out that I do have some physical limitations which prevent me from getting down onto the floor and maintaining some positions and will ask your birthing partner to stand in where I am limited. I will discuss this fully with you when I meet you. I will require rest periods during the birth and will also release any birthing partners to rest as required too. This will enable us both to remain focussed and strong for you throughout your birth.

I will also visit you at home postnatally between one and two weeks after birth where we can have the opportunity to talk through your birth story, offer practical support and advise and of course admire your beautiful new born baby.

The first meeting is free and it’s all about getting to know each other and to discuss my Hypnobirthing birth doula services. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions and explore your ideas on birth and also to see if we connect well with one another.

If you decide to book me, you will have two antenatal home visits where we will discuss your birth wish list, go through the physiology of birth and general information specific to your needs and of course talk about anything you’re not sure of or need guidance with. As a qualified hypnobirthing teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, reflexologist and aromatherapist, I will incorporate these skills and my knowledge to you, and where appropriate, use these techniques during birth or for additional services you may request. I’m happy to recommend or help you find pregnancy nutritionist, acupuncturists and placenta encapsulation specialists too.

As a breastfeeding counsellor I can offer support in the early days of breastfeeding and can prepare you before baby arrives so your transition is easier and more confident. Nature, in it’s amazing wisdom has given you an amazing free gift which meets the needs of both you and your baby. Breastfeeding is not only the best nutrition for your baby, it also provides a closeness and bonding experience of the most amazing kind. Breastfeeding also protects the mother in so many other ways including reducing the risk of breast cancers and osteoporosis, also there is a reduced risk of bleeding after birth, weight loss is easier for many mothers who breastfeed and the hormones that bond you with baby also reduce stress and reduces the risk of post natal depression. Breastfeeding for as long as baby wants is the most amazing thing you can do for the health and well being of your baby.

I can offer advise on
*engorgement/milk production issues
*pain while breastfeeding
*feeding cues
*hand expression

I am also an infant massage instructor and can offer postnatal infant massage lessons from birth onward. All babies and new parents deserve the calmest starts. I help parents understand how to calm their baby’s crying, avoid colic and aid restful sleep. Infant massage is a relaxing and simple technique which has a wonderful calming affect on babies of all ages.

If you’re interested in booking me as your birth Doula please contact me to have a no obligation chat. My Doula package is £950 with an additional charge for services outside of the above package.

Contact [email protected] 01434 685260/ 07940812634

I am fully insured and on the national register of the Federation of Antenatal Teachers FEDANT.