Reiki Retreats/Courses

Reiki Courses and Retreats integrating Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness techniques
Inner Peace doesn’t just happen…you need to actively seek it by taking a break from your daily routines and change your focus completely.

Here at Blacketts Retreat we offer a three night residential break with inclusive of bed, breakfast and refreshments


Set in the heart of stunning rural Northumberland and overlooking the Allen Valleys, this unique 3 day retreat will give you the opportunity to truly find and restore your inner calm.

Janine practises and teaches the Japanese system of Usui Reiki Ryôhôi and believes that it can help everyone to find more peace and calm in their everyday lives. Janine is a full member of the UK Reik Federation and courses are certificated. The retreat is suitable for Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners as there will be a combination of Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, self hypnosis techniques and deep relaxation sessions, walks and talks suitable for all.

The weekend will be deeply beneficial for you if you:

*Feel stressed or anxious
*Find it difficult to switch off or relax
*Have sleep problems
*Suffer with stress related conditions
*Have anger issues
*Need to recharge your batteries
*Want to reconnect to Reiki
*Want to find out more about Reiki
*Want to learn Reiki

While Reiki is best known in the West as a method of hands-on ‘healing’, it is in fact a system for personal development with the benefit that you can also use it to help other people. I learnt how to help myself to become calmer and more balanced so that I was better able to cope with the ups and downs of modern life. Then I went on the learn how to teach others to do the same. Over the years of teaching and practising Reiki I have had many students and client who have truly benefitted from both have treatment as well aslearning how to use Reiki to feel calmer and more in control of their life.

Over the course of the weekend you will:

Feel less stressed and anxious
Enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by someone else
Benefit from the healing power of the natural landscape surrounding the centre
Forget the outside world and focus on yourself for once
Learn techniques you can use in your everyday life to help you feel calmer or more focussed
Relax in comfortable, tranquil surroundings
Do as much or as little as you choose
Feel supported and nurtured by the group
Boost your energy levels

You often spare no cost to treat your family or friends, whether in financial terms or in hours of attention, but you find it difficult to treat yourself. It’s no coincidence that cosmetic companies have to convince you that you are ‘worth it’.

The cost of the retreat includes:

*Accommodation on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (these days may be flexible depending upon availability)
*Breakfast and refreshments. There are kitchen facilities available and also a cafe and pub n the village where meals are served.
*Reiki classes, talks, meditations, self hypnosis, deep relaxation and more from 11am to 3pm on Friday and Saturday and 10am to Midday on Sunday. Checkout is 3pm on Sunday.
*Beginner’s through to Master/Teacher Reiki classes for first-timers or re-sitters
*This weekend is an ideal way truly relax and recharge your batteries and prices start at £225
*You will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate at the end of the retreat


* 3 nights accommodation with breakfast, refreshments and activities; shared room £225-£230 per person
* 3 nights accommodation with breakfast, refereshments and activities: single occupancy room £270 per person
* Non-Residential Option from £180 per person

The retreat centre operates as an holistic centre with a range of reasonably priced complimentary therapies available throughout the afternoon on the Sunday.please do book these early to avoid disappointment.

The retreat has a limited number of rooms and a weekend like this works much better with a small group. There are a maximum of 8 places available

Feeling frazzled? You can find peace in just 3 days in beautiful, rural Northumberland while enjoying the stunning views of the North Pennines and East and West Allen Valleys

So if you want to:

*Feel calmer and more in control of your life
*Develop your own inner wisdom
*Sleep better
*Step out of the rat-race for a few days
*Let your family and friends see the real you again
*Recharge your batteries
*Relax away from your everyday routine
*Learn how to feel calmer on a daily basis
…this is the ideal weekend break for you

REIKI COURSES LEVELS 1, 2 and Master/Teacher are all available at Blacketts Retreat starting at £120 (please call for more information)

We ask for a none refundable deposit of £50 upon booking and the balance must to be paid in full two weeks prior to your stay. This can be paid in full or in instalments either by bank transfer or PayPal

For more information or to make a booking please contact us on
01434 685260 or email [email protected]