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Courses and Retreats in Northumberland from £130 per couple

*One day intensive Hypnobirthing course 10.00-16.00 £130 including KG Hypnobirthing book and CD and a light lunch/refreshments. A great course option for couples who are strapped for time to attend a 10 hour course. Be prepared to be set lots of practice tasks at home.

* Full 10 hour comprehensive Hypnobirthing Course £230 over one full weekend, split weekends or four sessions of clients choice including KG Hypnobirthing book and CD and a light lunch/refreshments. This course will include lots of directed practice to reinforce and consolidate the Hypnobirthing techniques in depth.

Referesher days available for previous Hypnobirthing couples

For more information about Hypnobirthing Courses and Retreats contact Janine on 01434 685260 or 07940812634 [email protected]


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Janine has been a Midwife for over two decades and is now retired from the profession. Mum to Philippa and Tom and Step Mum to Lucie and Grandma to Harry, Thomas and Sophie. Janine trained at Northumbria College of Midwifery and has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Midwifery Sciences and BSc (Hons) Degree in Social Administration.

As well as being a qualified Midwife, Janine is also a qualified nurse, clinical hypnotherapist, complementary therapist, nutritional therapist and Reiki teacher.

Janine is a full member of the Association of Hypnobirthing Midwives (www.ahbm.co.uk), a fully insured member of the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT), Katherine Graves KG Hypnobirthing and full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and the UK Reiki Federation (Master/Teacher)

Janine has a strong commitment to normalising birth. “My experiences as a Midwife have helped me to deeply understand the importance of the strong mind and body connection when women are birthing. Women who are more relaxed and confident in their birthing bodies have a better birth experience. As a complimentary therapist, I see the adverse physical and emotional effects of stress and anxiety and have seen how relaxation and breathing techniques can positively improve health and well being. As a qualified midwife I can also provide an invaluable and realistic understanding of childbirth and include antenatal education within my courses linking this intrinsically to self hypnosis techniques for birth and beyond. Hypnobirthing courses can be started at any stage of pregnancy, whenever feels right for you but don’t leave it too late. This is a course which will equip both you and your birthing partner with skills not only for birth but for life too.”

Hypnobirthing is a way for you, your birthing partner and your baby to have a positive, gentle experience of birth.

The mind body connection with birth has long been acknowledged in many cultures. Cultures such as the Native Americans would use rituals and contemplation as a means of preparation for birth.
Dr. Grantley Dick-Read, often referred to as the Father of Natural Childbirth acknowledged the connection between fear and pain as far back as 1933 in his book ‘Childbirth Without Fear’.

The Hypnobirthing Course teaches you and your birthing partner the importance of replacing fear with confidence during birth. You will learn to understand that just as fear and tension can affect the birthing body on a physiological level and make birth a difficult process, conversely confidence and relaxation can enable the birthing body to work easily and efficiently, hence why hypnobirths have a reputation for being easier and quicker.

Many couples find upon completing the hypnobirthing course they have a deep confidence in their birthing body and are free of negative thoughts around birth. This together with the relaxation techniques mean you and your birthing partner can look forward to a gentle, calm birth for both you and your baby.

Hypnosis is like deep relaxation (a similar feeling to daydreaming or becoming focused in a good book or a film). During birth you will be aware and totally in control but deeply relaxed and calm. This calmness brings with it a clear mind for staying in control, as well as being aware of the changes in your birthing body and being able to make decisions.

What to Expect During a Hypnobirthing Course
*An introduction to Hypnobirthing – why does is work so well?
*The connection between fear and pain
*How the birthing body actually works
*Hypnosis – what exactly is it and why does it work so well for birth?
*Breathing techniques for relaxation and birth
*Progressive Relaxation
*Special techniques for birthing partners to support during labour and birth
*Film of a wonderful Hypnobirth
*More breathing techniques and practise
*How to help your baby into a good position for birth
*Specialised hypnosis session – releasing fears and building confidence
*Massage techniques for labour
*Breathing for birthing
*What to expect during labour
*Making a Hypnobirthing Birth Plan
*Making decisions and special circumstances
*The placenta
*Birthing Positions

Booking your Hypnobirthing Course – what you need to know

This 10 hour course is delivered by Janine, a fully qualified, insured and highly experienced hypnobirthing instructer. Times and dates can often be flexible to meet your needs as a couple. Some couples like to complete the course over a weekend and others over several weeks in four two hour sessions. It is sometimes possible for me to offer the course in the comfort of your own home depending upon your location and subject to an additional charge for travel expenses.

The hypnobirthing course is for you and your birthing partner and the fee above covers both you and your partner. Resources will be emailed to you to support your learning. I’ve taken dozens of couples through this wonderful course and seen amazing results. Please take a look at my testimonials page and also my page on the KG Hypnobirthing website for some of our couples ‘Birthing Stories’.

Courses are usually held at our home Newhouses Allenheads, Hexham, Northumberland NE47 9HX (or in our attached guest accommodation, Blacketts Retreat)

We live in the beautiful, tranquil, rural surrounding of the North Pennines countryside an area of outstanding natural Beauty. If you would like to combine your course with a relaxing break away, we offer self catering short breaks at Blacketts Retreat. You can then enjoy some time away, as a couple, in the beauty of the Northumberland countryside whilst preparing for a safer, easier and more pleasurable Birthing Experience.

Please do contact me to discuss and ensure we have availability.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat tel:01434 685260 or 07940812634
Or email [email protected].
For more information about our accommodation go to allenheadsc2c.com or contact us.

Hypnobirthing Refresher Sessions available for couples upon request £60 per two hours session

I love it when one of my hypnobirthing Mums/birthing couples, or someone who’s used hypnobirthing with their last baby, get back in touch for their second or subsequent baby. It’s often the case that you’re so busy with your little one that you don’t have time to focus on this birth as much. It can feel like a whirlwind of months flying by, before you suddenly realise you’re giving birth in a few weeks time! As time and energy can be low at this point, I’ve tried to accommodate couples as much as possible with shorter refresher classes.

Don’t think that just because you don’t have time to go to a full course again that you can’t take a class…there’s always a way and it’s better late than never! If you’ve lost your previous book/CD or your toddler has coloured it in or chewed it 🙂 I have them available for sale so don’t worry.

A none refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your booking
The balance for your course is due 2 weeks prior to commencing your course and an email reminder and invoice will be sent to you requesting the balance of payment
Cancellation more than 30 days before commencement of course will not incur any additional fee
Cancellation of less than 30 days but more than 14 days before commencement of course will incur a cancellation fee of 50 percent of the total course fee
Cancellation of less than 14 days before the commencement of the course will incur a cancellation fee of 75 percent of the total course fee
In some cases course bookings are transferable to other dates but this cannot be guaranteed.
Clients can catch up any sessions missed by arrangement, however, any catch up sessions will be charged at £25 per hour.
Any sessions cancelled by the client with less than 24hrs notice will be charged at £25 for each hour cancelled.
In the unlikely event of the course being cancelled by myself a full refund will be given.

Using hypnobirthing techniques is not a substitute for the advice of or the presence during birth or any part of labour of a qualified medical practitioner, midwife or obstetrician. It does not represent in fact or otherwise an alternative to appropriate medical care or for professional medical advice. Any questions or doubts that you have about the use of hypnobirthing by you or any third party in any part should be discussed by you with your medical practitioner and the safety of or the appropriateness of this programme to you or any third party whom you represent be confirmed with your medical caregiver prior to undertaking the programme. Janine Swindale Backetts Retreat accepts no responsibility for the inappropriate use of hypnobirthing techniques or complications or harm to any third party resulting from the use of hypnobirthing as a substitute for medical advice. Hypnobirthing is intended solely as an ‘aid’ to help increase the comfort of labour and birth and is not in any way a guarantee or promise of expected, imagined or actual outcome of the labour and birth. Participation in hypnobirthing classes in any part or in total by any person or third party is undertaken with the understanding by any persons or third party that no litigation or legal action whatsoever will be initiated or that no form of compensation or reimbursement or refund will be claimed or applied for at any time now or in the future against Janine Swindale Blacketts Retreat under any circumstances whatsoever.